Text us on 60 999 with the code HDLIVE and then your message or Tweet us using the hash tag #HullBiz & appear on the live feed.

Disclaimer: We recommend at least 4Mb download speed in order to fully enjoy the live broadcast. Please check your internet speed using the test broadcast provided - here - to ensure you can properly view the live broadcast. No refunds are given for those that are unable to view the live broadcast due to connection issues. If you do experience any problems with the stream please inform us of them immediately so that we're able to help solve these problems, refunds are not given to those who report technical issue's after the event. This broadcast is for personal viewing and not for public or business viewing. If you wish to purchase a public viewing broadcast then please contact us on sales@realstreaminglive.com

For any problems during the broadcast please contact sales@realstreaminglive.com